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What Will It Cost?

Updated: Apr 26

Unlocking the Cost of Home Remodeling: A Starting Point!

Embarking on a home remodeling journey can be both exhilarating and daunting. Among the myriad of considerations, one of the foremost questions is often, "How much will it cost?" Understanding the average costs associated with remodeling projects can provide valuable insights and help you plan effectively. Let’s delve into the various factors influencing the cost of remodeling, from whole house renovations to specific room updates.

Size Matters

Recent data unveils that the average size of a home in California hovers around 2,500 square feet. Sources vary but for a 2500-square-foot home, the average kitchen comes in at 175 square feet. Master bathrooms range from about 115 to over 200 square feet; let's use the median number of 150 square feet. Using these square footage numbers, you can very roughly estimate your project costs. That's often the main question a homeowner wants to know when they begin a project.

Living room with ceiling beams and decking
Living room with Ceiling beams and decking

Whole House Renovation: Reimagining Every Corner

A whole house renovation is a transformative endeavor, encompassing comprehensive changes that breathe new life into every aspect of your home. The average cost for such a project typically ranges from $350 to $750 per square foot. This estimate includes everything from structural modifications to cosmetic enhancements, tailored to your unique preferences and lifestyle. For that 2500-square-foot home, that works out to $875,000 to $1,875,000. Of course, it can be less or much more depending on the specifics of your project. Which factors increase your cost:

What Choices Impact the Cost:

The choices you can control are finishes, flooring (LVP vs. Hardwood), tile (ranging from $5 per square foot to $25 per square foot), slabs ($1000 vs. $5000), limiting masonry (Thin veneer stone), Forced Air vs. much more expensive Radiant Heat, using stock vanities vs. custom-built. Virtually, every choice you make impacts the bottom line. Factors increase your cost: $$ Radiant Heat, $$ All new MEP, $$ Upgades to PG&E, $$$$ Pool or Spas, $$ Solar, $$$ Tile Roofing, $$$ needed Site Grading. $$$ Steel Windows or Oversized Glazing, $$ Wood Decking at Ceiling or Paneling $$$$ Additions (adding rooms)

Specific Room Renovations: Tailoring Spaces to Perfection

Each room in your home serves a distinct purpose, and renovating them can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here’s a breakdown of average costs for specific room renovations:

Red Kitchen with Black Countertops
Red Kitchen with Black Countertops

  • Kitchen Remodel: Renovating the heart of your home typically costs between $250 to $550 per square foot. For that average 175 square foot kitchen, it would range from $45K to $95,000, depending on factors such as layout changes, appliance upgrades, and material selections. Again, it all depends on the details. We've done simple facelift remodels for 20K and many projects that cost well over 150K. It depends on the specifics of your project; a simple faucet can run from $200 to over $5000, tile can be purchased for $5 per square foot to well over $50 per square foot.

  • Master Bathroom Remodel: Transforming your master bathroom into a 150-square-foot oasis comes with an estimated price tag of $35,000 to $75,000. Whether you're aiming for a spa-like retreat or maximizing space in a compact area, the cost varies based on design complexity and fixture selections.

  • Bedroom(s), Living Room, and Playrooms: Refreshing these spaces to reflect your style are often the least expensive cost per square foot. Especially if the updates are primarily finishes, walls, and flooring and perhaps enhancing lighting. Adding built-in storage solutions, custom cabinetry, closet systems, and other items can add to the overall cost but will enhance the livability of your home.

Factors Impacting Costs: Beyond the Basics

It's essential to recognize that several factors can influence the overall cost of your remodeling project. Structural changes to the layout, unforeseen damages, and material quality all play a role in determining the final price tag. Whether you're a homeowner, real estate broker, or investor, having a realistic renovation budget is crucial for successful planning and execution.

Home owners in kitchen ,meeting with architect
Home Owners meet with architect

Rough Budget vs. Construction Proposal

Getting to an actual Construction Proposal requires a set of Construction drawings. Without this, whomever gives you a price is just making an educated guess, without the raw data needed to come to a realistic budget. Start with your own budget of what you can afford and keep 10-15% in reserve when you are discussing the project with your architect or designer.

Consult with the Experts: Bringing Your Vision to Life

While these average cost estimates provide a helpful starting point, every project is unique, and consulting with experienced home remodeling contractors near you can provide more precise insights. From initial concept development to the final finishing touches, partnering with professionals ensures that your vision is realized within your budget and timeline.

Don't for get the Soft Costs What are soft costs, these are costs associated with getting your permit. Design fees, engineering fees, permit costs and various other fees and costs to gain a final construction permit? On the average you should expect 12 to 15& of the overall cost of the project to be soft costs.

In conclusion, embarking on a home remodeling journey is a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. By understanding the average costs associated with various types of renovations and seeking expert guidance, you can embark on your project with confidence, knowing that your dream space is within reach. ECB Builders is ready to meet with you and discuss your vision let's talk. 831 240-1348 or

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